Top 5 Fashion Trends

This spring summer season is so versatile and colorful, that there are so many fashion trends to choose from for every taste. Spicing up the wardrobe with different pieces and adding some color to our outfits is something that many fashionistas have been waiting for. At the end of the last year, the designers have set the new trends through their new collections and presented them on the runways. The choice is really big, but here are the top 5 fashion trends that you should add in your outfits.

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Biker or cycling shorts were one of the biggest trends in the previous season. Now, they are coming in a bit changed version. This summer all kinds of shorts are trending and fashionable. The boyish cut, the slouchier tailoring, high-waist, and Bermuda length are just some of the models you can choose from. The famous lycra cycling shorts are still trending, of course, in all colors and shiny finishes.

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Animal print

One of the strongest print trends this season is the animal print. It comes as bold, wild, colorful one, and especially popular is the leopard print. For a cool and trendy animal print look, many fashionistas are already sporting it on the head-to-toe outfits and separately on pants, coats, dresses and even accessories. The overall looks covered in matching prints are the most playful and bold appearance that you can achieve with this seasons’ trending print.

Living coral

The warm, soft, and pleasant red-orange shade was announced as the color of the year. The so-called "Living coral" was chosen as a shade that will define the whole year, referring to the beauty and life of the coral reefs and the sea world. It came as a refresher in the fashion world, where all the designers included it in their collections. This is the perfect shade for the warm days and the trend allows wearing it just how you like it.

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Bows were once considered as girlish details, but that is not the case anymore. The new trend presents the bows as bouncy, big, voluminous and present all over you. They are dramatic, coming out in all different fabrics, and on various places in the outfit. They don’t have to be in the perfect bow shape – everything that resembles a tied bow is trendy.

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Boiler suits

One of the most unexpected trends this season is the boiler suit. The utilitarian version of the jumpsuit has taken the fashion world very quickly, and this suit has become extremely popular. Their color options and choices are various and can serve as both day and night outfit options.

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