How To Stay Inspired For Summer

The warmer months are just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing your wardrobe appropriately. It’s time to get rid of the chunky, knitted sweaters and heavy boots. Swap your hats for sunglasses, and trade out that cup of tea for a cocktail. It’s time to get colourful!

We’re aiming to help you feel inspired enough to change up your wardrobe for summer, and wanted to pull together an outfit for inspiration. And what better place to find inspiration than Instagram? Instagram is packed full of creative and inspiring individuals with a great eye for style. There’s plenty of talented photographers and influencers on there. Today, we’ve picked out this gorgeous ensemble from @wagophoto to ease you into the summer style.

This sleek, modern look combines endless comfort with bags of style. It would be the perfect get-up for a casual day spent enjoying the sunshine with your friends, or a great look to wear on a road trip adventure. In this article, we’ll be having a look at the key parts of this outfit and discussing why it’s such a perfect choice for summer fashion.

The first thing to look at in this outfit might not seem like the most obvious choice, but I’d argue that it is one of the most important ones. The choice of socks in this outfit are brilliant- they’re modern, comfortable and stylish.

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Comfort is (thankfully) back in style. After the obsession with high platforms and low cut jeans in the 2000s, and the recent resurgence of plastic clothes and PVC, it’s great to see that comfortable clothes are once again being considered cool. Most fashionable, high street brands nowadays will be styling their models with a lot of active wear and street fashion. Think stylish trainers and knee-high socks, or comfy tracksuit bottoms with a cute graphic shirt- not skimpy dresses with mile high stilettos.

This is reflected nicely in this choice of socks. They’re meant for running, so you know that they’ll be comfy, and the cut is very suitable for keeping cool in the hot weather. Another great thing about these socks is that they have a beautiful pop of colour that just peeps ever so slightly above the shoe. This is a great way to add some intrigue to your outfit, and bright colours are just perfect for the warmer months. Whereas in winter and autumn you might have gone for richer tones like plum, mahogany or maroon, spring and summer are all about the vibrant, bold tones like neons and primary colours.

Another great aspect to this outfit is the shorts. These beautiful, dyed pastel cut-offs are an absolute statement piece, and fit very well with the general festival aesthetic of this season.

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One of the first things that you’ll notice about these shorts is the beautiful colour. Pastels are incredibly on trend right now, and they’re a must have in your wardrobe for summer. Something that I love about them is that they are flattering on absolutely everyone. No matter your complexion, body shape, gender identity or style, there’s a stunning pastel shade to complement your style.

Something else that I love about this pick is the ragged, cut-off style. The lace up details down the side are absolutely eye catching, and I guarantee that any look with them will turn heads. Having a punk, androgynous item like this is wonderful, as you can add an instant bit of edge to an outfit, or you can soften it up with more gentle items like a light blouse.

We mentioned earlier the lean towards activewear and sports styled items- this is definitely true with the footwear choice. I personally love the choice of shoes here. The splash of colour and casual aesthetic mesh perfectly with the other item choices.

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Opting for a low-cut shoe is a great choice in summer, too. High cut shoes or even boots are gorgeous, but in summer they’re simply not practical. I’m a huge fan of the shoe choice here, as they look both stylish and wearable- exactly what you need in a summer shoe.

We’ve spoken about practicality and comfort a lot in this article so far, and it doesn’t just mean your clothing choices. Your accessories should mesh both comfort and style, too. This outfit accessories perfectly with a cool pair of sunglasses. They look great, and would also help protect yourself appropriately from the sun.

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One thing that stood out to me here is that the glasses choice follow the slightly punk, edgy vibe that the choice in shorts gives off. The dark colour, sleek style and embellishments all add a certain grittiness to the outfit, without losing any of the femininity.

Black is a perfect choice for an accessory, too. It’s always in style, and will match with any outfit. I can see these glasses being incredibly versatile and easy to pair with other outfits. If you’re shopping for your summer wardrobe at the moment, I’d suggest having a think about the perfect pair of shades.

The final thing to look at with this outfit is the hoodie, or hooded top. This is the central piece, and pulls together the outfit beautiful. I’m a huge fan of the cropped fit, as I think it’s incredibly flattering when combined with the high waisted fit of the shorts.

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The choice of colour here is another great one, and I’d suggest trying this out. Combining the bold colours of the shorts, socks and shoes with the muted hoodie and glasses is a knock-out combination in my books. Splashes of colour matched with monotone items is a perfect way to look effortlessly chic.

The final thing that’s great here is the actual design of the hoodie. The slogan is modern, and I love the empowering vibe that it gives off. The stripes on the sleeves add an extra touch of cool; overall, it’s a brilliant choice for a look like this.

To sum up, this is a fantastic outfit to draw inspiration from this summer. It’s effortlessly cool, and combines both street style with ultimate comfort- without breaking the bank. Using colour pops and interesting textures to make stand out outfits is great, as is pairing bright, poppy items with monotone, sleek ones.

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