How to Choose the Best Lipstick for your Skin

Let’s take a minute and think about the first thing that pops in our head when we think of make-up. Lipsticks, of course! The manner one presents themselves in, needless to mention, plays an important role in defining their personality as well as defining the courses they tend to take in their social dealings.

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This, particularly, is exactly why it is imperative that one knows the lipstick/shades that suit their skin tones best; because it is absolutely needless to hoard lipstick shades one never uses. This is mostly because of some lipstick shades, when advertised with the face of Taylor Swift or Priyanka Chopra, seem to entail the x-factor people tend to look for; the very same shades when tried on by people just don’t work out.

Check your Veins
Check Your Veins

We have come with a bunch of ways to help you pick the best lipstick for your skin tone; below are a few:

  • It is absolutely imperative that people identify their skin’s undertones of which there are two sorts; yellow and pink. People tend to have either of the two, the former being warmer and the latter cooler. The undertones can be identified by looking at one’s wrist veins:
    • Veins (blueish)- pink undertones
    • Veins (greenish)- yellow undertones
    • Veins (a mixture of both)- neutral undertones
  • Remain aware of the shades that tend to go with specific undertones
  • Look up shades that generally tend to suit and match specific types of skin tones; for instance, darker, lighter, fair and olive skin tones.

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We as global citizens, however, have evolved as people and in a nutshell, it wholly and solely depends on the person applying and making use of lipsticks to pick the shades they like best irrespective of what goes with their skin tone and undertones. If a bright pink shade piques your interest, you should go for it, by all means; similarly, if you want to wear a dark black shade, that too is completely your own jurisdiction.

Regardless, happy lipstick shopping, folks!

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