Spice Up Your Casual Summer Look

Summer is the great break to get rid of dull colors and multiple layers you had to wear all winters. It’s time to let your body and skin breathe in comfortable dresses. It’s time to let your craving for vibrant colors get realized in your wardrobe. Also its time to bring out cool accessories like hats, bags and shades. We want you to enjoy fashion in your everyday routine so that you can have a lovely, amazing summer this year. Here are our tips to boost your everyday outfit, to make you feel more special everyday!

Fit Is Hit

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Our first tip is basic, yet very important-WEAR YOUR FIT. Your outfit should be of your exact size to make an impression. Never settle for oversized or undersized outfit, get it fixed before you wear it. The secret to carrying a great look is always adjust dress to your body size. It will enhance and complement the whole look. Wearing oversized dress kills the impression immediately. So make sure when you buy a dress it is of your size. Otherwise get it altered, don’t ignore the size and fit of dress.

It's All About Proportion

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You want to add trendy chic look in your everyday dressing? BALANCE THE PROPORTION! Yes, our advice is to rethink your outfit, keeping in mind the accessories and shoes you are using-and then balance it out. For example, match off-shoulder shirt with pants, sandals and maybe a hat-to enjoy a classy summer look. Carry knee length frocks with heels-for a chic look. Pair a vibrant blouse with a cool skirt and block heels. Remember, while choosing your fashion LESS IS MORE. So be selective in your items, match them for a proportionate classy look and don’t overdo the look.

Add Colors

We admire the cool, graceful look you like but try wearing bold colors every now and then. It will make you feel fresh and young. And isn’t summer perfect time for trying the bold and vibrant colors. Add trendy colos like coral and violet. Also try the loud colors, you can balance them with a soft counterpart. Like vibrant blouse with plain skirt. Also pay attention to fabric prints- polka dots, artistic and animal prints are trendy.

You can use accessories to add color to plain outfit. For example bright color shoes with plain outfit to pop up and add flavor to overall look. Also, u can carry purse matching with shoes for classy look.

Shoes, Shades and Bags

Let’s have fun this summer with cool accessories! Try out the eye-wears that you adore. Its good time to add cat-eyes in your sunglasses collection. Also use shades frequently to protect your eyes from hot summer sunlight and dust.

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Among shoes we advise to have a range of collection-from casual shoes to vibrant sandals and block heels. Don’t buy a lot of shoes-buy practical ones. Buy shoes that are comfortable, don’t hurt your feet and also go with a variety of outfits. Same for bags-have variety of bags, from hand cutch to shoulder bag.

Flaunt Your Hair

Well this is our last but not least advice-enjoy your hair. Carry small , cute hairstyles this summer to have fun. Try little braids, stylish buns and high pony. Also add some color if you like.

We hope that you enjoy beautiful summer in your everyday getups!

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