Planning a Trip to the Beach
Lets talk about some items that are good for bringing to the beach day but are not necessarily essentials.

Going to the beach is a great way to relax. Whether it's done during the week or on the weekends, it takes so much stress off one's mind and soothes it instead. People form all over the world visit the beach and love to do so for the enjoyment and relaxation. People who don't have easy access to beaches travel to nearby cities that do for the experience. That being said, there are some things that need to be taken on the beach for a good experience. Some of these items are essentials, whereas some can be excluded depending on personal preferences. If you're woman who is planning a trip to the beach, then this article will help you with that perfectly.

Sunscreen is the most important item that you need to take with you to the beach. Not only for yourself, but for the entire family and friends as well. Without the use of sunscreen, the harmful radiation from the sun rays easily penetrate through the skin and cause harmful effects. In order to be safe from any skin burns and potential risk for cancer from the harmful rays of the sun, make sure to bring the sunscreen to the beach with you and keep reapplying it every 3-4 hours as the effect usually starts to wear off in this time frame. Therefore, a sunscreen is a must-have in your beach bag.

It's Hat Day: This is again about the protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. It is very important to first protect your skin and self and then enjoy. A hat will especially protect the face and head, which can be extremely sensitive parts of the body if given direct exposure. Get a big hat that covers your face and potentially some part of your upper body when you look down at times. There are so any trendy options for beach hats available at almost every fashion store. So, it is a definite must have.

Bring extra bikinis: It is no doubt that enjoyment on the beach can sometimes turn into a messy situation as it involves sand and water both. This can lead to getting your swimwear dirty at the end of the day at the beach. Having an extra bikini or two can make getting to other places after the beach easy and stress free. As one would not want to go somewhere in a dirty bikini. Shop swimwear at UjENA.

Umbrella: An umbrella is another essential item for a day at the beach. If you plan to relax, then bringing an umbrella is crucial to stay out the sun while still staying in warmth of it.

Beach Mat: This goes hand in hand with the umbrella. For lying down under the shade of the umbrella, a beach mat is necessary.

Don't forget a towel: This is for times when you run into the water and need to dry out your body and hair. There is nothing worse than not having anything to dry your hair after a beach day, so do not forget this one!

Sunglasses: Take your sunglasses to the beach even if you don't plan on wearing them. At some point during the day, your eyes might get tired of being out in the sun for so long. So, it’s better to pack the sunglasses with you in case you might need them. Besides, you might even need them on your way to the beach.

Water bottle: Getting thirsty on the beach is no surprise and should not be a problem when you take your water bottles to the beach.

And of course, don't forget your Bikini! :)

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