Meditate To Find Your Path
Are you struggling to discover your purpose of life?

Do you feel isolated from other people? What is the meaning and purpose of life?
For a majority of people, this question becomes a blip inside a life covered by more primitive thoughts and actions, primarily entangled in the pursuit of survival necessities and social dramas. For others, Seekers are the souls who explore this question, ask in Ernest, and finding the answer becomes a purpose of life their life itself. Seekers are those soul who discover the true reason of existence. These people often break barriers and go beyond the boundaries of religion and modern school of thought, burning the oil tirelessly to piece together the truth and meaning from the strange array of individual perceptions and experiences.

“Embrace the empowering belief that you can always find a solution.”

For decades, it is believed that long-term and meaningful goals developed throughout our lives foster a sense of purpose. A strong sense of purpose can potentially reflect other lives and bring change. Indeed, having a purpose in your life evolves you so you can accomplish big things.

It is thought that life's purpose arises when connecting to the outer world - but that’s only a part of the truth, not the complete fact.

Finding your life’s purpose is all about looking inside yourself for what you thought exists out there. Why? Because your life begins within yourself. It is kept in your heart. You won’t find it out there in the world. It is in you. And if you give yourself time, quiet your mind, be still and recent with yourself, your heart and soul will provide you with answers. Your heart will guide you on the path as you find the purpose of your life. But you have to take the time to listen. You can begin with 5 minutes daily to 60 minutes per week.

Resourceful people know that even though a solution to a problem may not be immediately apparent, there is always a path from point A to point B. The key is to wake up, become more alert, inquisitive, and curious about ourselves to unlock the problem solving process.

Meditation is the tool employed by the seeker regularly to go beyond the surface. By its very nature, meditation takes the seeker out of the realm of individual thought and perception, which is an illusion, and down to the grit and universality of experience: pure existence.
Meditation is a process of lightening up, trusting the essential goodness of what we have and who we are, and realizing any wisdom in what we already have. This is being done as meditation silence the inner thoughts and judgments that make up the seeker’s ego. The ego-self is the seeker, not the whole seeker who operates in the world out of self-interest. Uncovered of this, the seeker perceives and accepts the truth of life, no longer blinded by his or her perceptions, judgments, memories, and, worst of all, fears.

It is in the middle of profound silence when the seeker reaches the focus point, and the mind lets go of all the ego that he or she can know and understand the real reason for their existence. Thus, it cannot be discussed but cannot be described but only felt by the heart and experienced.  The seeker is responsible and capable of starting the journey on his or her own.

Some teachers may guide a seeker to the proper path, but it is up to the seeker to take the necessary steps toward the ultimate destination. Meditation is his or her legs on this journey, the only medium capable of progressing him or her forward on the path to true spiritual enlightenment.

Through meditation, the true purpose of life can become apparent, but only for the true seeker, one who is earnest, not distracted, and unafraid.

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”
- Buddha


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