Making A Career In The Fashion Industry
The fashion industry is where skilled and experienced 'artists' come together, to lend their skills and talents to helping different folks express themselves better.

When most folks who are not fashion inclined hear the word "fashion", automatically they think about clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and makeups.

Not that this is a wrong perception of the word; but the truth is that the word "fashion" goes way beyond just clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories.

Fashion is a world on its own. That's why we sometimes refer to it as the "Fashion World". The fashion industry is beyond the clothes we wear, the shoes we rock, the make up we apply, and the hairstyles we make.

The fashion industry is a place where fashion ideas are birthed, and fashion goals and objectives are brought into materialization.

It is not an industry where products are produced out of the blues by just anyone. It is an industry where people have sleepless nights trying to get perfect designs and products that express every human.

Fashion As A Form Of Expression

People express themselves in different ways, while some people express themselves through words, through their bodies, through their actions, others choose to express themselves through fashion.

Fashion is the outlet through which many people showcase who and what they are.

Either has a normal dresser or a weird one, there are clothing, hairstyles, and makeup that you can relate with.

Fashion items that explain your personality, your moods, your lifestyle, and life's choices.

This is one of the ways in which fashion has helped a lot of people be who and what they want to be.

For people like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, they have used fashion to showcase their personalities to the world, irrespective of how weird or eccentric others see their fashion styles as.

People still see them as fashion icons of this age and time.

This brings us back to the opening ideology, that the fashion industry is much more than fashion items.

The fashion industry is where skilled and experienced 'artists' come together, to lend their skills and talents to helping different folks express themselves better.

Jobs And Careers Obtainable In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the home of different activities and personnel, who contribute their skills and knowledge to the growing, diverse, and ever flourishing industry.

You can pursue both business and creative career in the fashion industry. You can decide to be a creator of designs and trends; like the Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Miuccia Prada, and Calvin Klein of the fashion world.

In the same vein, you can be a fashion business person, whose job is solely to make trendy and designer fashion items, available to retailers and final consumers.

Either way, there are so many jobs and careers you can take on, to be a part of the fashion world. Examples of the jobs you can get in the fashion industry include:

Fashion Designing

This is one of the most common jobs in the fashion industry. A fashion designer is a person who creates new styles. They birth fashion ideas.

Fashion designers fall into different categories, such as accessories designers, lingerie designers, clothing designers, and shoe designers.

Assistant Fashion Designing

This job entails thorough monitoring and supervision of the whole process.

The assistant fashion designer is mostly an intern, who is working directly with the fashion designer, to ensure that the production is successful.


This is the planning and advertising the products at the right time, to the right audience.

The job of the fashion merchandiser entails a thorough market survey, working for hand in glove with the designers to suggest the right product for the right target consumers.

They also work with the retail buyers, in helping them select products that will bring in profits for the buyers.

Fashion styling

This job is mostly for firms who run fashion shows. Fashion stylists are those who style the models for runway shows, promotional photo, and video shoots.

Fashion photography

This job entails being the official photographer of any fashion house, brand, or firm.

The fashion photographer takes pictures of models in fashion items, and also produce excellent images for promos.

Dressmaking And Tailoring

This is the department where they cut, sew, fit and finish clothes. They are the ones who produce clothing.

Makeup Artistry

This job is all about applying to make up for models; for photoshoots, promotional videos, and for the runway.


Models are the life of the fashion industry. They are ones who give life to fashion items.

Without someone to model a fashion piece, it might be difficult to get people to love and buy it.

Models are people who showcase fashion items on the runway, in photo shoots, and in videos.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is the representation of fashion design on the computer. A graphic designer works with the fashion designer to bring forth the idea in graphics.

And they also design and produce promotional materials such as billboards and flyers.


This is the monetary part of fashion. The people in this department are concerned about cost, capital, profit, and loss.

They are the ones who punch numbers to determine if a product is a profit or a loss.

Personal styling

Personal stylists are those who style celebrities and big shots in the society.

They are hired by people to help with dressing for events and outdoor activities.

Textile Technology

In this department, their business is the authenticity of fabrics and every raw material used in the production of the item.

They make sure everything used in making the products are genuine.

Fashion Content Creators

These are people who write about fashion. They include fashion analysts and fashion bloggers. They use their communicative skills to market and sell products,

Not only that, they talk about fashion trends and fashion tips.

Fashion Public Relations And Marketing

The job of this department is putting a product or brand in the limelight. They post promotional materials, make press releases, and organize campaigns.

Their job is to help a brand build and maintain a positive relationship with the public. The PR department helps to shapen the image of brands and products.

Retail Buying

This entails buying products and reselling to the public.

Education And Training Needed In The Fashion World.

There are some jobs that you need to go to school to study for, such as marketing, accounting, public relations, and graphic designing.

Also, there are jobs that don't require a school degree/education, but you need to be trained in them before you can be a professional.

And there are those that are based on your talents. Even at that, you need to be trained to sharpen your talents.

Either way, there are no jobs in the fashion industry that you don't need to be trained for.

Training helps you to build your skills so you can do better at your job.

Career Advancement In The Fashion Industry

Undoubtedly, the fashion industry is a place where you can attain growth and development in your career, provided you know what you are doing.

First of all, to advance in your career in the fashion industry, you have to be an innovative personality. You can't grow by relying on what you think you know now. Trends change.

The fashion industry evolves consistently, and there is no room for stagnancy for any personnel.

Fashion trends change per year/season, and if you don't follow the trends by upgrading your skills and knowledge, you might end up being relegated to the background.

This means that you have to learn new things daily, no matter how little it is, acquires a new knowledge about your job.

Another thing to enhance career advancement in the fashion industry is acquiring more than one skill.

Don't be the person who relies on one skill to grow. Asides what your existing career is, don't hesitate to learn other skills.

Another career enhancing tip is that, don't be an island. You can't work alone in the fashion industry, you need to mingle and network with the right people in the industry.

In addition, don't be afraid to try new things. Most fashion trends don't start as normal, they are unusual designs that were unique, and stood out.

To be successful in the fashion industry, you have to create the unimaginable.


The fashion industry is where lots of talented fashion personnel come together to create new fashion designs, products, and trends, for other people to enjoy.

The fashion industry is more than the products it churns out, the fashion industry is a place of showcasing art.

So when next you think of fashion, think of different people with different skills and talents, sweating it out to fulfill your fashion fantasies.

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