Dress for Success
4 Easy Tips to dress like the Girl Boss that you are (that aren't a power suit!)

For most women, when we think of professional, "I'm the boss" looks, we immediately go to the power suit. And while the power suit is always an option, sometimes we might want to switch things up and still feeling like we can take over the world! Well luckily, we have put together four awesome tips to elevate your business wear to boss babe levels in no time! Keep reading to find out how you can dress to impress at your next team (or zoom!) meeting!

Add color: The business world is pretty much dominated by neutrals-lots of black, navy, gray and khaki. However, unless your work requires you to wear more somber shades, there is actually nothing wrong with rocking some color. For instance, red is always an excellent power color that is proven to boost your confidence levels and royal blue and emerald green tend to look very luxe! But if you aren't quite ready to go so bold, try slowly incorporating color into your outfit with maybe a purse or your shoes or even a nice colorful blouse under your typical suit!

Pleather anyone? This probably doesn't seem very corporate, but there are actually so many different ways to rock pleather appropriately at work. A brown midi pleather skirt is an awesome option while a paneled faux leather blazer can be both chic and professional. Pleather joggers are also very trendy this season and can be paired with a simple blouse and your favorite heels.

A "power" blazer: Okay so you already know all about the power suit but a power blazer is a little different. A power blazer is basically a really well fitting, comfortable, chic blazer that can be thrown over any outfit and instantly elevate it. A power blazer is all up to your personal style-some people prefer a bright, fitted one while others might like a tweed boyfriend styled blazer. When you find your power blazer, you'll definitely know.

Pops of print: A lot of people stay away from prints, especially in the office, but a nice print can add dimension to your outfit. When you opt for only hints of a print, you are able to remain professional but still adding something special to your outfit. Some cute examples are a pair of floral print shoes, a leopard print waist belt or a striped handbag!

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