A Daily Workout
Here are our suggestions to optimize your daily workout routine so that you engage in effective drills and enjoy a fit, healthy, strong yet flexible body!

It's appreciable to own and to feel comfortable in one's own unique body type, nurturing your body well and engaging in physical activities to keep it fit is also highly commendable. We can't deny the importance of a healthy, fit and properly functioning body; the quality a sound body brings to our lives is unquestionable. So here is our guide to help optimize your health and fitness so that you enjoy life to the fullest.

Natural, healthy and balanced diet is fundamental for healthy body. It doesn't mean you stuff it with whatever seems edible, value your health and chose your diet thoughtfully. Also, don't starve your body in pursuit of socially popular, unrealistic fitness goals.

We recommend proper sleep for long term physical healthiness. Let your sleeping span to be a minimum of 6 hours so that body has time to rest and heal well. We also suggest daily meditation as it brings harmony between body, mind and soul. This peace is an essence for healthy lifestyle.

Here are our suggestions to optimize your daily workout routine so that you engage in effective drills and enjoy a fit, healthy, strong yet flexible body!

PUSHUPS: Yes, they are popular but our suggestion is based on their effectiveness. Pushups challenge ability of body to maintain balance and harmony. They engage upper body and strengthen biceps, triceps and upper body. Also improve posture as head, neck, spine and hips are aligned perfectly. Start with a few pushups like 5 in the beginning. Then increase the number slowly to about 20/day. Don't forget to take deep breaths!

PLUNGES: This is simple yet fundamental exercise. You can perform it almost anywhere-home, office, park, while cooking or doing laundry or while going to your car in a parking lot! Plunges engage mostly lower body-thighs and hip muscle specifically. They also help maintain balance. Use your arms, resting both hands on sides of lower abdomen for support and to maintain proper posture of shoulders and spine. Do as little as 5 plunges per day in beginning then steadily increase plunges as your body adapts. Keep yourself hydrated, take sips of water or fresh juice to refresh yourself!

SQUATS: It'™s another simple but basic exercise that involves most of body muscles, increasing effectiveness of your workout routine. Squats do challenge body endurance, so go easy on yourself-start with as few as 5 to 7 squats and then increase gradually as endurance of body improves. It is basically a compound exercise, involving both upper and lower muscles-thus increasing body exertion and burning a lot of calories in a short time. Don'€™t overdo this exercise as it may exhaust your body. Feel and enjoy the increased heartbeat!

JUMP ROPE: Let's make workout routine more fun! Include a jumping rope in your daily workout to make it more exciting. It is good way to lose weight too as this exercise burns the excess fat all over the body including belly fat. It is exhausting but also very effective.

DUMBBELLS: Let's make the workout routine a bit fancy! Use dumbbells freely as you enjoy them. Do dumbbells rows to strengthen upper arm muscles. Or lift dumbbells overhead to further strengthen biceps and triceps. Also, dumbbells are first step to improve endurance for weight lifting.

DON'T FORGET TO TURN ON THE MUSIC: Enjoy your daily workout routine!

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